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Revlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray Suede

By Ceriblog @ceriblog
Revlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray SuedeRevlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray SuedeRevlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray SuedeRevlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray SuedeRevlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray Suede

Revlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray Suede

I  may or may not have found the perfect nude colour! I'm such a sucker for nude nails and find them glorious to look at. I'm not sure why, but I always seem to have very multi coloured hands - by this I mean blue one second, red the next - so I've been trying to find a nude which can match up to Topshop's Threadbare (a grey-ish nude). I wasn't even planning on buying this product as I was actually looking out for a Kabuki brush but Boots hadn't stocked one so thought 'why not!'
I'm not one to be too specific about brands and keeping within one name, so as soon as I saw this lovely color I was half way to the tills. I've never used Revlon Nail Polish before but so far, so good.
It definitely isn't as thick as other varnishes I've used but for the reasonably sized bottle, I don't mind using 3 coats. ColourThe pictures really don't do it justice. I had to take the photos late at night with the brightest artifical light I could find. I would describe the color as being relative to my skin tone with pink and orange tones (weird description).. It has the slightest shimmer (which is only visable in the bottle) but it looks a LOT darker on my fingers than it actually is.Price I paid roughly £6.50 (or around that mark) for this which is definitely higher than what I usually pay for a nail polish but I've never seen this color before and kind of HAD to have it. For the size of it, it was definitely worth the investment because this will last me a long time!OverallA really good shade if you're finding it hard to pick what will match with your new dress. The price tag may be reasonably high for us girls who don't splash out on products like these but I can honestly see myself wearing this until it runs out - not like my other colours which are stashed away somewhere getting all gloopy and dry.

Revlon Nail Polish in 030 Gray Suede

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