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Revlon Lipstick Review

By Charmemodeblog
Revlon Lipstick Review
I think I've read about this lipstick on the Internet and wanted to try it badly.  It sounded really good, so I went ahead and got it.I must say that I had a hard time picking the color at Target.  They all looked pretty, but I went with pink color that I know looks the best for my skin tone.I chose "Socialite" color, #025.
Revlon Lipstick Review

I also read that it is supposed to moisturize your lips (that's why I wanted to get it).  My lips get so dry in winter, and sometimes they get chapped too, so I wanted a lipstick that would actually help me with this problem.It does moisturize quiet a bit, though it doesn't last long.  Maybe my lips are too dry than most of people in winter, but I like this lipstick anyway.When I wear it, I don't really feel that I do; it's pretty light.  It doesn't stain either, which is always a plus.So, if your lips still get dry, no matter if the lipstick you are wearing says it's moisturizing, here is a little tip:
Apply a little bit of chapstick above your lipstick.  That way your lips will be moisturized longer.Click on links to find this lipstick at Target and Amazon.

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