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Reviewing Our Spending Habits!

By Etspeaksfromhome
How's 2014 going for you so far?  I must admit that it's been hard getting back into the routine this week for all of us, but probably more so for me and Mr C lol!  New year traditionally means new resolutions and whilst I haven't specifically made any, now is also a perfect time to objectively review your spending habits.  

To help with this, I came across this fantastic website from Leeds Building Society: This website steps you through some common spending habits and allows you enter what you spend on these.  The habits are: takeaways, alcohol, cigarettes, nights out, beauty, lunches, technology and evenings out.  Here are a few of the pages of what we entered: Takeaways - typically a Chinese or an Indian, though now and again we do have pizzas to not be too predictable!

Reviewing our spending habits!Lunches out - with young children, we tend not to dine out in the evenings so lunches out are our most expensive habit.Reviewing our spending habits!TechnologyI've not counted landline/broadband here and this spend is predominately our mobile phone bills but we do spend a little on apps too.  Reviewing our spending habits!Evenings out - this is mainly trips to the cinema.Reviewing our spending habits!After stepping through all the habits, it summarises your total weekly spend or saving if you were to kick these into touch:Reviewing our spending habits!Shockingly, ours came to £97 per week which could be a saving of £5044 per year plus over £83 of interest!  It's certainly good food for thought and a good lesson of how we can be more frugal.  
Have a go - it doesn't take long - and let me know how much you could save!
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