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Review: Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

By Etspeaksfromhome
Review: Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic PlaysetIs it time for a check up?  Today Lambie fell over and needed a cast.  Doc McStuffins is coming to the rescue! In this Doc Mini Clinic Playset, there is a fantastic mini doctor’s case, a thermometer, a syringe and 2 casts for Lambie!  Not only that!  This special doctor’s playset also comes with exclusive Doc and Lambie characters and a book of boo boos hidden under the patient’s bed!This is a fabulous set to take out with you while traveling.  Ms C wanted to take it on a train ride.  She was happy to play on her own with it.  We also have Hallie from a separate playset.  She is a stuffed hippo and a nurse who is Doc's assistant.  Each character can stand on it's own.  Each feature is very well made with colourful details.  The only thing that Ms C was unable to do is to put on the cast.  The cast can be quite hard to put on or take off.  Also, note that the case will not stand - it has to lie against the wall.  The case won't not fit all the characters or equipment in it.Ms C was very happy role playing and creating her own little story on how she going to mend Lambie and Hallie.  I love how creative she can be with this set and think outside the box.  They do not always need to imagine someone is ill, for example Ms C had them all go out for a meal!  The imagination is endless.  I believe this is a fun set for creativity and imagination.This set will be available soon.  So keep your eye out for it if you have a massive fan of Doc McStuffins!To learn more about Doc McStuffins, check out the Flair website.  I had also previously reviewed Doc McStuffins Interactive Doc and Lambie which you can read and watch the video too.
Disclosure: We have received the products to do an honest review.

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