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Orion Early Reader Book Review: The Little Nut Tree

By Etspeaksfromhome
Orion Early Reader Book Review: The Little Nut TreeThe Little Nut Tree is a book written and illustrated by Sally Gardner.  This Blue Early Readers book is perfect for sharing and reading together.  It was released on 2 January 2014 and published by Orion Publishing.The book is paperback containing about 64 pages. The font is a good reading size, and it has simple words and is easy to read by school children.  Each page contains a fair amount of sentences and a lot of great illustrations with charming soft watercolours.The book describes a little girl's birthday present.  She received a little tree from Mr Albert and she took care of it.  As time went by, one day the tree bloomed its glory with silver nutmeg and golden pear.  News spread fast and everyone wanted to see this special tree, including the princess from Spain.  When the princess came, she demanded to have the tree.  With no choice, they dug it out and took the tree away but left a golden twig.  She picked it up and danced and flew on its golden wings.  When she got home, she planted it in a pot and the very next day, she has her little nut tree!At the back of the book, there is a song.  This is in fact based on a nursery rhyme with the same name.  Both of my children enjoyed listening to the story while I read it for them.  Mr K was able to read the story quite well as he has improved so much in his reading.  He did question why would the princess would take the tree as he thinks this is very unkind.  It is an opportunity to teach him sometimes things happen and life is unfair but the more generous you are the more you will be blessed by good karma.  This is a very wonderful magical bedtime story of this magical little nut tree.  Disclosure: We have received this book to do an honest review.

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