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Review: Westwood Sunglasses

By Zenparenting1 @ZenParenting1
This is not normally the kind of product I'd review on my blog, but special circumstances abound, so here we are.
Methinks I shall start and end with the bottom line: I love Westwood Sunglasses.

Review: Westwood Sunglasses

Ahem, that would be my oldest little sister and brother-in-law there.
They're models.  That's right.
Mostly, they're just good people and I love them.

I'm all about supporting my loved ones and their loved ones, so when my sister and brother-in-law shared an IndieGoGo for this budding company, I shared it, too. They're friends with the founders, so the founders are friends of mine (whether they know it or not). They even took part in the ad campaign. When your family cares about something, you care about something. That's how it works. So, I hyped their shades and I even gave what I could, ending up with a pair of their goodness at my front door long after I'd forgotten I'd even donated any money. I didn't expect to get anything out of the deal, I just wanted to share a product my family believed in and that I, after doing a little research, had come to believe in, too.
It took exactly half a second for me to fall in love with my new shades. They're gorgeous! Not only are they gorgeous, though, they also fit well and provide incredible sun protection. Light eyes allow in more light, so I find myself squinting and getting headaches from squinting a LOT when I'm out in the sun. Sunglasses are essential for my blue eyes. Polarized, UV protection sunglasses are important. These fit the bill and look good doing it.
Review: Westwood Sunglasses
Westwoods are handcrafted from actual wood, so they're light on the face and float when you drop them in water (which you know, at some point, we all do whether in the pool, in the lake or river, or, because we're parents, in the toilet...). They don't have independent nose pieces, so they don't pull your hair out when you take them off the top of your head to put them back on your eyes. I hate when glasses do that! They're just good.
Review: Westwood Sunglasses
A couple of weekends ago, my beloved Westwoods went to the big sunglass graveyard at the park...where I stepped on them at my son's soccer game. I am telling you, I almost cried. I made an off-handed comment on one of Westwood's FB posts and what do you know, they offered to replace them for a picture and $20. Seriously, they're too good to be true. So, my second pair is on its way and I plan to use the bamboo case in which they come this time, because soccer happens and I don't wish to be with out my darlings again.
Review: Westwood Sunglasses
Thanks, Westwood Sunglasses! I love you!
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Find my fashionable sister Carly's blog HERE. She's about to graduate college with a fine arts degree, so forgive her if she's not active on the blog just now. She'll be back.

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