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Review – Valeo Adjustable Ankle Or Wrist Weights

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

Review – Valeo Adjustable Ankle or Wrist WeightsI talked about these Valeo Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights in my post a couple of weeks ago called “My Healthy Xmas Wish List“.  Well, Xmas came a little early to the Josefsberg household this year, or at least this single gift showed up at my doorstep a few weeks earlier than I expected :)  So, I’ve been trying them out for a couple of weeks now and I’ve come up with some mixed results.

First, The Bad News

I was hoping that I could use these while walking or hiking in order to change those activities from a light cardio workout into a mixed cardio and weights.  In other words, I was hoping to turn every step into a weightlifting exercise.  That’s not possible, at least not for me.  The weight of these items and their placement around my ankles means that my stride is way off.  Sure, I could walk long distance in these but I think I’d be doing serious damage to my feet and especially to my ankles, and that’s not something I’m willing to do.

The other bad news is that wearing them around my wrists while doing work is also impossible.  They get in the way too much plus there’s no way to hide the fact that I’m wearing these giant wrist cuffs around my hands.  Therefore, I can’t really wear them to work where I spend much of my day.  I can wear them at home and I’ve done so a bit but they get in the way too much when they’re on my wrists.

So, not looking so good for the weights…

But Wait, There’s Good News!

The good news is that wearing them on my ankles during work and at home is awesome!  They can easily be hidden under a pair of jeans or slacks (unless you’re wearing skinny jeans or any kind of tights, which I don’t).  Also, while they may not be useful for long walks, wearing them at work does provide a nice workout.  Just think about all the times you move your legs during work.

  • You get up and walk to the next cubicle
  • You walk to the kitchen
  • You walk to the bathroom
  • You cross your legs
  • You uncross your legs
In other words, your legs are doing quite a bit during work.  Adding these weights makes all those movements a lot harder, which is a good thing if you’re trying to get some exercise.  After 10 hours of wearing these at work I’m definitely feeling the strain in my legs.  It’s a good kind of strain, the kind you get after a great workout, which tells me that these weights are doing their job.  Now this isn’t a replacement for a more formal leg workout at the gym, but as a way of burning a bit more energy and toning up your legs, it’s definitely nice. Quick little side note.  I’ve also found it useful to wear these in the morning before my run workout.  Wearing these while getting ready (even if that’s only a few minutes) makes my legs feel so much lighter when I take them off and that makes the run seem easy.

So, Were They Worth It?

Yes, I think so.  They were relatively inexpensive and they’re providing me with a good, light resistance workout every minute I wear them.  That’s a good investment in my eyes.

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