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Review: V-Wars #1

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

V-Wars #1 caught me totally by surprise.  I will come right out and say that it is my favorite IDW book that I have read in quite some time.  I have had about all I can take of vampires, but V-Wars takes a different spin on the mythology and it really works.

The premise behind V-Wars is that humans have a dormant gene that could be activated at anytime.  The result of that gene becoming active is that you become a vampire.  It takes vampires and really changes how we look at them because we are them.  The book opens up with a horrific scene of a little girl who has had her gene activated.  She is being held back by her father, Professor Swann, a man who just happens to be a vampire expert.  He is recruited to assist in bridging the gap between humans and vampire, to allow us all to live in peace.  Unfortunately, not every shares that idea and events unfold that leaves that dream in jeopardy.

Jonathan Maberry really drew me in with this story.  I really enjoyed the new take on vampires, which is about as tired a genre as there is right now.  It made it interesting and the world just feels so rich and interesting.  I loved the idea, the pacing of the story, the dialog.  Seriously, this doesn’t feel like a first issue, but that could be because it is based on a novel, also by Maberry.  He is joined by Alan Robinson on art and he is able to bring the horror alive.  There is plenty of blood and guts and the smiles he gives the vampires are almost corny, yet incredibly creepy.  The art goes back and forth a little.  Some scenes are spectacular and at other times I was left a little underwhelmed.  Facial expressions are where I had the most problems.  I think how Robinson draws faces reminds me a little of Rob Leifeld and maybe that is my problem with it.  Overall, the art is solid, but these few issues stuck with me.

To compliment this issue, there will be a #0 issue on Free Comic Book Day for you to pick up and also the novel mentioned earlier.  If you want a different take on vampires then I definitely recommend giving V-Wars a shot.  You might just be as surprised as I was at how much you enjoy it.

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