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Review: Touched By: Corrine Jackson

By Fangirl_hostess @FanGirl_Hostess

Happy one monthiversary, Touched!
Touched (Sense Thieves)

Source: paperback purchased from Kroger

Book Description (Amazon):

Release Date: November 27, 2012 | Series: Sense ThievesRemy O'Malley heals people with touch - but every injury she cures becomes her own. Living in a household with an abusive stepfather, she has healed untold numbers of broken bones, burns, and bruises. And then one night her stepfather goes too far. Being sent to live with her estranged father offers a clean start and she is eager to take it. Enter Asher Blackwell. Once a Protector of Healers, Asher sacrificed his senses to become immortal. Only by killing a Healer can a Protector recover their human senses. Falling in love is against the rules between these two enemies. Because Remy has the power to make Protectors human again, and when they find out, they'll be coming for her - if Asher doesn't kill her first.Show More Show Less
Let me begin with my shrill FanGirl screaming...
Review: Touched by: Corrine Jackson

Okay. This. Book. I LOVE it. I loved it the day I read it and I love it now. Touched is one of those books that just grabs you and won't let you go. Did I mention I LOVE it? Corrine Jackson the friggin' mastermind.
Okay, I'll admit... I have seen this idea before. But... I once read a quote that said something about how nothing that is said hasn't been thought about before. And, let's face it, there are like no books that have a whole NEW idea-- the details are different, but the skeleton is the same. Well, guess what? Jackson knew just the write words to make this book absolutely irresistible.
The characters were beautiful, their reactions were believable and realistic, and those nicknames.
It was like... the author knew exactly what you wanted and was confident enough in her work to give it to you, right then and there.
This author is now one of three whos books I will buy the second I see them on Amazon.
There isn't one single thing, not even a word, I would change about this book.

Do I recommend Touched?

Ha! Did you not read my totally biased review? I would recommend Touched to anyone that can read, and if you can't: get a friend that can.
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Forbidden by: Syrie James & Ryan M. James
I am currently reading Forbidden and it's really great so far. Forbidden and Touched are both addictive tales about forbidden love.
PURCHASE Touched at:
*Barnes & Noble
*Better World Books
Have you read Touched? Want to? I will have a short excerpt posted at 10 AM! (:

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