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Review: Style Lux Blackhead Killer

By Etspeaksfromhome
Review: Style Lux Blackhead KillerTonight my husband and I had a pamper night.  We both had the Blackhead Killer mask on!  Sound scary?  Indeed, this is a revolutionary face mask that removes pimples, blackheads, impurities, and excess oil in just minutes!Each pack contains 10ml of thick black cream which is sufficient to apply all over the face.  It comes out the packet fairly runny and so can get quite messy when applying.  So I would suggest using a plastic stick to apply it thinly on the face.  Once dried, it was simple to peel off.  I found it quite painful to peel off.  One mistake I made was that I put the mask onto my eyebrow.  Next time I would avoid that area as I could have nearly lost my eye brow!Once it off, my skin feel immediately clean and smooth.  I felt like my skin had been rejuvenated like a chemical peel.  All the blackheads and dirt can be seen on the mask.  What a result!  I love the instant improvement on my skin!  There is no need to use water to wash off.  Any reside on the face simply rubs off! As for my husband, he found the mask easier and pain free to come off (man skin!).  He also found it cleansed his skin really well and remove many blackheads especially around the nose area.
This blackhead killer comes in a pack of five at £14.95.  £2.99 for each mask is an average price for this type of product.  Both of us didn't have pimples so we won't be able to tell if it helps remove pimples.There are so many different types of mask in UK market.  If you are looking for masks to remove pimples, blackheads, impurities, and excess oil, this product will definitely suit you or a young teenager. 
Disclosure: We have received the products to do an honest review.  I am a member of StyleLux Premium Blogger group.

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