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Review | Soap and Glory - the Righteous Butter

By Maddie @maddiestweets
review | soap and glory - the righteous butter
hey everyone!
firstly, let me apologize for the fact that i couldn't take my own picture for this review! my camera's almost dead and it's dark now so i couldn't get as good pictures, but i really wanted to do a post tonight :-)
i've had this for a while now, but i kind of went off it for a while and re-discovered it!
firstly, the smell. it has that famous soap and glory smell - floral yet vanillary (word?) and makes me want to eat myself. well, not literally, but it actually smells so lovely! and it's one of those smells that lingers - when i put it on in the morning, throughout the day i can smell it every now and then and it makes me happy :D
secondly, its so so moisturising! it leaves your skin so soft, and it stays soft a fair amount of time! i wouldn't say it stays soft for the longest out of a few of the other body butter/moisturisers i've tried, such as the body shop body butter, but on the other hand i find that the body shop body butters, and other body butters like it, are so heavy and moisturising don't sink in to the skin quick enough, because i don't like it when you can feel it still on your skin! i'd say that the righteous butter takes about 5-10 minutes to sink into the skin.
another bonus for me is the packaging! i think it's so cute - as is all the soap and glory packaging! i also like the little jokey things on their packaging. i know the packaging doesn't make a difference to the product itself, but for me it's a bonus!
do you like this body butter?
and do you guys have any other body butter/moisturiser recommendations? :-)
thanks for reading!
maddie xx

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