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Review: POC Trabec Race Helmet 2016

By Grindinggears

The POC Trabec helmet is a pretty well known lid for protecting your noggin in the MTB world and thanks to having MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) and being insanely light, the Race is being targeted very heavily at enduro riding.

I’ve been using this helmet for around 5 months now and I’ve got my fair share of miles under the belt with it on. Here are my thoughts and opinions on how the POC Trabec Race helmet stacks up against some of the other mountain bike helmets I’ve used.

POC Trabec Race Review

First things first, wow this helmet is light! You barely notice that it’s on your head its that light (around 350g to be exact) – a difference that I noticed massively when compared to the standard Trabec. In addition to this, the 16 vent holes ensure that you’re never feeling as though you could cook an egg on your head, no matter how hot the weather gets.

POC Trabec Race Review

The looks are very cool as well, I chose the orange and white design to match my bike (because I’m cool like that) although POC have provided a couple of other color schemes to help make sure everyone gets what they want. The strap itself is comfortable and easy to adjust, as is the positioning of the internal adjustments – its a simple slight system rather than the turning buttons that you have on helmets like the 661 Recon Stealth Helmet.

I also found that the design is very slim, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a mushroom on your head – perfect for when you’re taking those mid-ride selfies to send to your mates! Many other helmets that I’ve worn have felt like they come at least 2 inches away from your head, which can make photos look funny but it also means that the visor ends up way out in front of you – this isn’t the case with this helmet, as the visor is perfectly above your eyes, looking good and stopping rain/ sun from getting to you.

Due to being a proper “Enduro” helmet, the POC Trabec works brilliantly with goggles, giving you the full #Enduro look which we all know you’re secretly after. This is largely thanks to the additional protection that goes down the back of your head, helping to protect your brain that little bit better and giving a handy place to hook the strap of your goggles onto – everyone’s a winner!

It isn’t all about looks though – the POC Trabec Race feels very secure on your head, with no sliding around or needing to readjust the straps mid-ride in order to get a better fit. While I haven’t had a major crash while wearing this helmet yet, I did manage to break a standard POC Trabec last year during a very acrobatic high-speed dismount and I managed to walk away with just a dented helmet and no other injuries.

POC Trabec Race

The padding is something to shout about as well, although minimalist it manages to sit very comfortably on your head. You also manage to miss out on having that pool of sweat gathering in the pad just waiting for you to move so it can squeeze out cold, damp sweat all over your face – a side-effect I’ve found in a few helmets over the years.

You’ll also notice that the helmet has a slightly rounded look to it – this is a genius bit of design, as it has been created this way to help your head roll naturally during an impact, reducing the amount of strike that you feel and protecting your brain from trauma.

Conclusions for the POC Trabec Race

Well-designed, good looking and with a great offer for protection, there really isn’t much that can fault the POC Trabec Race helmet, although there are a two key niggles that bug me:

  • No crash replacement scheme – lots of manufacturers do this, but POC is not one of them – I found this out after smashing my first Trabec. While this isn’t enough to put me off buying one, it is a bit of a downer when it comes to replacing  your helmet.
  • The price – Paying £150 for the Race version is a bit steep as you can get similarly specced helmets for significantly less money than this, granted they probably won’t look as cool though!

That said, I am more than happy to spend money on a good helmet as protecting my brain is pretty important to me. If I can walk away from a crash without so much as a concussion then I’d happily pay the money for this helmet compared to a lesser competitor.

Overall, if you’re looking for a very light, race-ready helmet with plenty of ventilation, oodles of protection and a design that will ensure you look the mutt’s nuts then I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with the POC Trabec Race


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