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Review: Origins Super Spot Remover

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett

review: origins super spot remover review: origins super spot remover origins super spot remover - £13 I think Origins is currently one of the most talked about brand in the blogosphere. The product that caught my eye most was the Super Spot Remover, which everyone has raved about, but honestly, I'm on the fence about it. The product is a gel like consistency, and a little goes a long way as you only apply to the affected area. I don't get a mass load of spots, though I do get spots often and when I do they are under the skin, red and sore. Once applied to my spots, for about five minutes my face feels like its on fire, which I kind of like in a way, as it shows to me that the product is working. When I purchased this, I kind of put it on a pedal stall and thought it would be the cure to all my skin woes, that I would apply this at night and wake up with spot free skin. Though I must admit that when I wake up in the morning the spot is visibly reduced, most likely down to its high salicylic acid content, and the combination of caffeine and red algae which help to calm the skin and stop it darkening as the blemish heals, I wouldn't say its completely gone, I would say it takes two nights of application of this to fully kick the spot in its face. The main problem I have with this product is that after using it, for the next week I suffer from a really dry patch on the area where I've used the Super Spot Remover, which then causes more problems as my foundation sticks to the dry patch and makes it more noticeable. I also think that £13 for 10ml of product is a little steep, though I suppose it does last quiet a while as you only need a little bit. I'm still on the fence about this, in one way I love it for how quickly it gets rid of spots but I don't know if I can cope with the dryness is causes afterwards. Saying that though, I would still recommend it and more than likely repurchase it! What I would say though is the morning after using it, make sure you use a nourishing moisturiser to make up for it. Have you tried the Super Spot Remover? What are you thoughts on it? What would you recommend from Origins? I'd love to know!

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