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Review: Jobsworth SpyGadget Multitool

By Grindinggears

Mutitools are wonderful things and every now and again you see one that looks like it offers that little bit more! The Jobsworth SpyGadget offers just that – a tiny tool that gives you pretty much everything you need to sort out your bike when on the trails!

This is the type of tool that you could happily chuck into your pocket and forget about – largely because its so small and lightweight. It has a huge range of features on it, arguably more than several bigger multitools I’ve used in the past.

Jobsworth SpyGadet Review

Jobsworth Spygadget
First things first, this multitool is tiny. It’s about the same size as my spoke key and it does far, far more!

You have seven different heads that you put on the handy L-shaped handle, these include:

  • 3/4/5/6mm hex keys
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers
  • T25 torx key
  • Chain tool

All of that in a gadget that’s not all that much bigger than a £1, now that’s not bad going at all! But all that looks great on paper, how does it actually perform?

The answer to this is surprisingly well! The L-shaped handle is easy to use, the individual heads are all solid and the whole device works so well together you’d assume it was tailor made for James Bond himself! I’ve had to use the chain tool, torx key and hex keys out on the trail and using them was incredibly easy.

One gripe I do have is that it is really, really, really easy to lose a head. I haven’t yet, but I’ve had a couple of desperate searches in the mud/grass for an accidentally dropped head. While there’s nothing wrong with the gadget itself – the heads hold very snuggly and are kept in by the handle – fiddly items and me don’t go particularly well together.



t’s small, it’s cheap, it does everything you really want a small mutlitool to do and it looks super cool! If you want something that you can just stick in your pocket when going out for a short ride then you won’t find much better than the Jobsworth SpyGadget. That said, if you’re prone to losing small but essential parts then you may want to look for a different tool or be extra careful when using this one!

The SpyGadget isn’t perfect and probably wouldn’t be the best tool for people with fat fingers or anyone looking for something that’s really durable. All in all, it works and it looks cool but for anything past short jaunts you’ll probably want something a bit bulkier.

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