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Book Review: Go to Sleep Or I Let Loose the Leopard

By Etspeaksfromhome
Book Review: Go to Sleep or I let Loose the LeopardGo to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard is a picture book written by Steve Cole, originally written for his own children and illustrated by Bruce Ingman. The book is suitable for ages 3 to 5. It will be launching on 1st February 2014 and published by Random House Children's Publisher.It is a paperback containing about 32 pages. The font varies in size and is simple and easy to read by young school children.  Each of the illustrations are wonderfully painted.The story is about Joe and Ellie’s bedtime.  But Joe and Ellie were not in bed.  They were having so much fun playing in their bedroom.  So the New Babysitter tries all kinds of tactics, but to no avail.  However the New Babysitter has one last trick up her sleeve: “Go to sleep or I let loose the leopard!”.  Indeed she let the leopard run loose but he is nice and cuddly!  And finally both kids went to bed. Both of my children loved listening to me read this book with them.  It is a light-hearted hilarious book.  It made both of my kids wonder whether the Leopard was going to eat Joe and Ellie.  This is a wonderful bedtime story.  Not to threaten the kids with leopards or any other carnivores but we could in fact be more creative and try this as a Dinovember!  Do check out this wonderful book!  Disclosure: We have received this book to do an honest review.

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