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Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

When Cartoon Network started airing its own programming in the mid-90′s I wasn’t happy.  I liked watching all the old cartoons I grew up with and didn’t want to watch new stuff.  Then I actually watched an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory and immediately loved it.  The show was perfect for kids and adults and was gut busting funny at times.  So, when IDW announced that they were doing a Dexter’s Laboratory book, I was pretty happy.  I know I might not be the target audience anymore, but I was ready to experience Dexter all over again.  To sum it up quickly, they nailed it. 

The issue starts off with Dexter conducting an experiment, which is pretty much how every episode started, and then his sister Dee Dee finds a way to screw it up.  So far so good.  Dexter then opens an enormous vault that is full of all the experiments that Dee Dee has ruined.  Seriously, this girl has messed up some stuff.  Dexter comes up with a plan to rid him of Dee Dee once and for all.  Does it work?  We don’t know yet.  The issue ends on a cliff hanger…to be continued.

This issue, written by Derek Fridolfs with art by Ryan Jampole, does a great job of capturing everything I loved about the cartoon.  It is so faithfully recreated that I heard the characters voices in my head while reading and Jampole nails everything from the way Dexter’s Mom stands, to Dee Dee’s pirouette’s and Dexter’s glasses changing shape to match his expression.  All things from the cartoon that are present and accounted for here.

If you are a fan of the cartoon, then there is nothing here you won’t like.  It’s a perfect comic for the little reader in your house and for you to enjoy too.

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