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Review: Daiso Face Washing Brush

By Kerker @sparklingker
This week has been a drainer of a week, so many things going on at work. Anyway so last month I blogged about my adventures in Daiso. I showed you guys this nifty little tool called the Face Washing Brush, well tonight I will be reviewing it after trialing for a week.
The face washing brush claims to clears pores and remove dead skin, hence giving you a smoother face.
Review: Daiso Face Washing Brush Review: Daiso Face Washing Brush
Additional info:
  • Made in China
  • RRP $2.80
  • Available: Daiso

Application: Place the brush in between your fingers and squirt some cleanser on the brush. Massage around your face in a circular motion.

What I like:
  • I quite enjoy this soft silicone massaging my face
  • Easy to hold
  • Soft bristles 
  • Mega cheap
  • It's pink and cute

Overall: I've been using this every morning with a bit of Cetaphil. I haven't actually noticed any difference in my face but then my face isn't ultra dirty lol. For some strange reason, I quite like the feeling of it on my face even if i don't see any results. If you have some huge ass pimple, I wouldn't use this might be a little too rough for it. This is a awesome little tool for $2.80. How good is Daiso hey??
It's a quickie of a review! Thanks for reading =) ♥ kerker 
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