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Review | Copan Steel Chimenea

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
Review | Copan Steel Chimenea

Evening all! Hope you've all had a good day!

We were recently sent this gorgeous Copan Steel Chimenea from Click4Chimeneas to review,and I wanted to share with you our first impressions! What I love about Chimeneas is that whether it's a cool summer evening or a crisp cold night in the middle of winter, it'll keep you warm and cosy, perfect for the whole year round! I think what's always put us both off purchasing one is the price, but little did we know if we were to do some research, we'd find cheaper versions that work just as well and look just as nice! This costs just over £40 and works just as well as any more expensive one!
Assembly Assembly was pretty fiddly if i'm honest, it took us a good hour to get it completed, definitely needs two people or it will probably take a bit longer! Altogether there were 14 pieces and a bag of nuts and bolts so not much assembly required which is a bonus! I really love the look of this, with it's sleek exterior and matte finish, it's perfectly suited for all garden styles! If black isn't the color you fancy, it is also available in bronze and stony gray too!
"Copan is a contemporary looking garden fireplace with a large basket style base, contstructed with wire mesh panels for a full view of the fire and easy to load construction. Simple lines and easy to use. Supplied with rain lid!elf-assembly.
Review | Copan Steel Chimenea
Review | Copan Steel Chimenea Contains
Rain Lid
Top Panels
Top Corner Pieces
Mesh panels
Base Panel
Size:95cm high x 30cm Wide x 30cm depth
Review | Copan Steel ChimeneaMake sure you have a flat non flammable surface you can place the chimenea on, such as stone, gravel or bricks, do not place on grass or wood as this could cause a fire, and definitely not on decking! To light a fire, use dry wood logs, charcoal, coal or briquettes, you can also use the chimenea to burn garden refuse such as leaves or branches!
I'm super excited for the cooler months so we can put it up and chill in the garden, perhaps with some marshmallows on sticks! Mmm! Chimeneas are amazing for using to cook food too, such as pizzas and bbq's! Just make sure you read all the instructions that come with yours to ensure it is definitely safe!
Extra's you can buy;
Cooking Iron's
Toastie Iron
Frying Pan
Popcorn Popper
Pancake Pan
Waffle Iron
BBQ Grill
Pizza Stone
and many more! :)
Definitely a great investment for the whole family, as I mentioned above it's perfect all year round and a great item to get out if you have friends and family over too, roast some marshmallows, cook up a bbq or just use it to keep warm, there are many many uses for it!

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