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Review: Accessorize Baked Blusher

By Aspirationsofglam @Aspirationsofgl
Hey you gorgeous lot.Here's something that's been stuck in my head all day:"Taste is a matter of opinion" and mine is you don't have any.I forget this, whats beauty to one is vile to another. The wonderful thing about us all is our uniqueness-this is how something truly innovational comes about....with some disasters and failed test runs along the way I'm sure.Insightful bit done let get on to the review........
I'm really excited to write this post because this item is a little gem.I have read reviews in the past about Accessorize's makeup range but it was never enough to actually compel me to get off my backside and really bother trying them. I wish I had.
I received this blush as part of a Secret Santa set up by Nav Link (fab lady by the way we have exchanged many a tweet!)My secret Santa sender present was so thoughtfully put together
There was gold, there was purple,there was shimmer and chocolate...say no more.
Review: Accessorize Baked BlusherNeedless to say the chocolate lasted seconds not long enough to photo!
Here's the beaut
A pink and coral mix with flecks of gold.
Review: Accessorize Baked Blusher Merged Baked blush 6- Scandal
Ive read cross comparisons of these with the MAC mineralize blushes and I think this is very accurate, the blend of two colours is very similar to some released my MAC.
The finish gives a beautiful iridescent pink/coral glow and is buildable.
The powder is very pigmented and endures throughout the day which is very important.
Review: Accessorize Baked BlusherThe packaging is nothing to rave about.
Although I do like the little butterflies-I think their very cute.
It is a mid range drugstore product and it looks like one- I have no problems with this!
Review: Accessorize Baked BlusherThe powder is a little more pinker than being picked up by my camera.
I hear you say...SHOW ME THE SWATCHES.
Afterall that's what its about!.
Review: Accessorize Baked BlusherSwatch one is lightly and shows a hint of colour
Review: Accessorize Baked BlusherSwatch two shows how the color can be built for a much more dramatic look.
2011 for me with regards to makeup has was a massive year for Lipstick and blush. My collection ballooned.
This is another very welcome addition to my collection- I really do like baked blushes and the irredencency at disposal from them.
After this I really would like to try a few of the baked Accessorize eyeshadows-they can be applied wet or dry and infest me with curiousness.
I cant seem to find any baked blushes in stock at Superdrug Online at the moment. But I know they are available in store!
What are your opinions on baked blushes? Love? Hate?
Hope you all had a lovely weekend
Review: Accessorize Baked Blusher

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