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Revenge on an Ex Lover: Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

revenge on an exNobody dates or goes into a relationship with the hopes that it doesn’t work out. We go on dates in hopes of meeting the right one. We enter into relationships with high hopes that this person will remain in our life for the long haul. Most of us, me included, don’t take the time to think about what happens if it doesn’t work out. And we definitely don’t think about what if we’re the one that has to do the breaking up.

Some people don’t deal with break ups well, especially if we’re the dumpee and not the dumper. Most people handle break ups dealing with the NORMAL emotions that come with breaking up. We take the time we need to process our emotions, get over it, and move on. Some people can’t do that! They set out to basically get revenge especially since the internet gives us so many ways to do so. Revenge on an ex lover is not an uncommon occurrence. Luckily, you have me to give you some tips

Don’t Share Too Much

It’s understandable that you would want to share everything with your partner. But, some things should be kept private unless it has a direct affect on the relationship. Family business and certain things from your past don’t need to be shared. People have a tendency of sharing their friends business with their partners as well. You should definitely thread lightly here and be mindful that if things go bad whatever you told your partner can and will be held against you. This is especially true if your partner begins to cheat. When people cheat they use any reason to justify their actions and your past will turn into one of those reasons. With that being said, whatever you did with or to somebody 15 years ago don’t need to be shared. People will get mad when things go sour and will spread your business like jam on toast!!!!!!

Don’t send Nude Photos via text or e-mail

Love may fade but pictures last a lifetime. If you follow different trends on the internet then you must know about revenge porn. Revenge porn is when you post nude pictures of your ex on various websites. One website is already being sued by various women whose ex-boyfriends have posted their butt ass naked photos on the internet. Keep your clothes on because you never know where that picture of you might end up. One nude photo sent to a partner may cause you a huge problem if things don’t work out. There are thousands of websites that your picture could end up on. The next time your boo ask you to send him/her a nude photo, tell them to come see the real thing. I understand you want to give your honey boo boo something to look forward to but opt for a creative written message versus a visual one. Be very careful about “striking that pose” because you may unknowingly become a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons!

Safe Guard your Finances and Valuable Information

I believe there are certain rights that someone should have depending on the role they currently play in your life. During the dating phase they have no rights (don’t tell me shit about my money), during the relationship stage they have some rights (you pay this I pay that other than that don’t tell me shit about my money), and during marriage they have all rights (at least let them think they do). Nobody should have access to all your financial records and money. I understand that sometimes we live with our partners, but the only thing they need to know is that you can afford to pay whatever your share of the expenses are. You have to think about whether you should open joint accounts or whether you should obtain a joint credit card. Some may disagree with me but please realize that money is the hardest thing in the world to recoup. The last thing anyone needs is to check their account and realize all the money they saved has vanished. It happens!

I know some of you may think “damn girl you contemplating the end before it even gets started”. That is not the case; I want a loving, long lasting relationship just like the next person. However, I choose to be smart about my actions. It’s hard enough to deal with a break up but it’s even harder to deal when someone is pissed and wants revenge on their ex lover.

I suddenly have the urge to listen to James Brown the Big Payback.

Have you ever thought about getting revenge on an ex lover?

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