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Reveal: The Twisted Bikini

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys!!! Are you ready for the reveal?

No the new banner isn’t really part of it… but it does look pretty snazzy, right?.

Let’s get to business.


I’m nervous… can you tell??

Have you noticed that people get sort of silly around this time of year? Bikinis start popping up in Target. Target accounts for 94% of my wardrobe so of course this would be the department store I choose to single out… A lot more people are filling up the gym and your girl friends have started only eating salads at meal times.

OMG!!! It’s Beach Season!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Every year I get all caught up in the mayhem. I do a few shots of fad diet with a chaser of 2 hour long gym sessions in hopes of magically dropping those extra ~15 pounds so when I wear my bikini I’ll be perfect.

I want to look like Geselle on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Wind blows my hair perfectly and I look all sexy half wet with sand all up my legs. It’s not a good look people. No one looks good with half dried sand all up they legs. Anyways…I never actually lose any weight and I don’t ever go to the beach.

This year I’m changing this. I’m approaching summer and bikinis from a whole new angle.

I’m going to stick with the body I have right now!!!

No diets. No counting calories. No slashing away the pounds. I will not be Zorro-ing my thighs, thank you very much.


This year is all about what things I can do to make the body I have right this millisecond look like a million bucks. Because if I’m not confident with myself now then I wont be confident simply because I lost a few LBs.

So… this spring I’m going to write about all sorts of things to help boost confidence and little things I can to to make my curves look curvalicious on the sandy beaches of Monterey.

Let’s call it The Twisted Bikini.

So what’s planned for the Twisted Bikini?

Well here’s what I have so far.

  • a total body toning fitness routine that takes 30 minutes 4 times a week. Goal: tone it up!
  • tanning. because laying out makes everything look better.
  • build self confidence

Upcoming posts…

I have a ton of ideas but here are a few I’ve already started working on.

  • 10 Sexy things that happen at the gym
  • Jeans vs Genes
  • I can justify taking time off work to lay out
  • places I can wear my bikini to practice for summer…
  • videos of me actually doing the exercises
  • Make Up: Beach Sexy in under 5 minutes
  • Sarongs… how the hell do you wear it?

I’m ecstatic and can’t wait to get all this blogging under way. As a jumping off point. I’ve decided to post pictures of me in my bikini right now. It’s crazy and I’m super nervous but it’s happening.

photo (91)
photo (90)

Yes I did take bikini pictures of me right after a shower… It’s okay I’m cool with it. Here we go guys! I’m sexy and I know it! Beaches and swimsuit models beware average people are taking over!!!!

Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

How do you normally get ready for summer? Do you stress about bathing suits?

yes!! I always stress and freak out. I’ve convinced myself that I HATE swimming because I don’t want to put my bikini on in public.


Do you have a vacation planned for this summer?

Yes we are going to Oregon.

Do you have a favorite bikini, tankini, or swimsuit?

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