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Revamping for “adulthood” – Or Something Like It

Posted on the 09 September 2014 by Kdcoduto @katydee

It’s been over eight months since I last posted on this blog, and it’s not to say I haven’t been busy. The last time I posted was December 19, 2013 — nine days after I was hired into an internship that quickly turned into a full time job, and six days after graduating with my undergraduate degree. Fast forward to now, and I’ve also finally finished my master’s thesis on top of the busiest final semester of college I could have imagined (and really, would anyone have expected any less?). 

What all of this means, though, is that I can actually write again — and write about all of the things that happened in those hectic eight months, as well as a lot of things that happened leading up to those eight months. Instead of focusing on music criticism and marketing trends, as I’ve been doing for so long, it’s time to just process events and relate them to new audiences. That’s not to say, of course, that a stray album review (or really, me gushing over something I absolutely love, which is even more likely) won’t find it’s way in here. But instead, it’s time for kathryncoduto.wordpress.com to grow up a little and find a voice separate from all of the college research posts that have been the norm until now.

I haven’t had time to reflect on much in 22 years. I typically see something I want to do, decide to do it and then do it — and repeat the cycle frequently. I’ve finally slowed down on the “doing” (kind of) and can focus on the “thinking” (at least occasionally). What this means is that this blog will have a lot of stories that aren’t timely anymore; they’re just interesting things that happened, captured at some time before now, that might be of interest for a few minutes. Mostly, it’s going to be stories and the importance of the soundtracks to these stories. The music remains, but rarely will the lens be critical.

It’s an important, hopefully entertaining, change.

Happy reading.

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