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Returning to School After Eating Disorder Treatment

By Survivingana @survivingana

Returning to School after Eating Disorder TreatmentOriginally posted on The Feed:

Every year around this time, the back-to-school bonanza begins. Stationery stores are stock-piled with school supplies. Bedding and home stores are advertising all the latest dorm room designs. And clothing stores are clamoring about ways to refresh a fall wardrobe.

Returning to School after Eating Disorder Treatment
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However, if your summer involved intensive eating disorder treatment, you may have some other important back-to-school concerns. Here are a few of the worries commonly voiced by people with eating disorders as they approach the start of a new school year:

Will people notice changes in my eating or my appearance?

The simple, yet perhaps unsatisfying, answer is, “it depends.” Many people are consumed with their own worries, and therefore may not be as acutely aware of the changes that you’ve made as you are.

That said, the friends (or teammates) who know you well – those with whom you were eating regularly

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