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Restrictions on Alcohol Sales at Airports

By Poundtravel

Restrictions on alcohol salesAirline Ryanair wants to restrict alcohol sales in airplanes to two drinks and restrict alcohol sales at airports, according to the BBC.

The proposal comes after an incident that took place on Sunday, during a flight between Dublin and Ibiza. The aircraft was forced to land at Paris Beauvais-Tillé airport after three passengers began to disturb the flight from excessive alcohol consumption. After the plane landed in Paris, the three were detained by the police.

Alcohol law – Wikipedia Alcohol laws are laws in relation to the manufacture, use, influence and sale of alcohol or alcoholic … Ryanair motivated this decision by saying: “It is airport responsibility to introduce these preventive measures to prevent excessive alcohol consumption and the problems it creates, not to allow passengers to drink excessively before flights . ” The airline has proposed banning the sale of alcohol at airports before 10:00.

The airline believes it is unacceptable for airports to take advantage of alcohol sales and let airlines deal with the problems created by passengers.

Dublin airport spokesman told the BBC that although the behavior of the three people was unacceptable, Ryanair’s actions are “draconian” and will negatively affect a large number of passengers due to an isolated incident.

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