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Restaurants for the Hungry

By Megbooth5
Hello strangers. It's been way too long. After a nearly non-existent spring, summer has indeed taken us all by storm and now the longest day of the year is already behind us. While much of my disappearance from the web can be blamed on my annual fun in the sun and wedding season hitting full force, there is actually much more to it this year. I've really been struggling with how to break it to you and have finally realized, it's just time to come clean. Yours truly has up and moved out of what many of you may think of as the center of the universe. In fact, I am writing this very post from my new home in Southern California.
So what does this mean for the blog that claims to provide restaurants for the hungry New Yorker? The observant (those noting the recent addition of parentheses to de-emphasize a part of my blog's subtitle) may have already realized that I still plan to do that, just in a more indirect kind of way. In my opinion, the hungry New Yorker enjoys eating both in and outside of New York as well as reading about restaurants both near and far. In fact, while living in New York, I spent much of my time reading about restaurants outside of the state or even outside of the country as well as dining at many of them. And I tried my very best to keep you informed of my travels in hopes of inspiring your own adventures. It is now my hope that as I begin writing more extensively about restaurants in the San Diego area that I will continue to inspire those back east as well as draw in a new set of readers out west. After living in both Paris and New York, my new city certainly has some large shoes to fill. However, I can already tell you how pleased I have been in my newest food scene.
And while I don't plan to look back too often, but rather spring forward into my own new adventure in California, I can promise that there will continue to be tales of the Hungry Roach in New York and other parts of the world. In fact, in true Hungry Roach form, before I moved away, I made it a priority to dine at as many new restaurants in the city as possible. And I can't wait to share those with you in several posts in the weeks ahead. I am actually so backlogged with New York restaurants you probably won't believe I have really moved!
But, I promise, the news is true. And while I have physically left New York, there will always be a part of me that will claim to be a New Yorker. You don't live in that town for eight years for nothing! That is the part of me that will keep me writing and exploring, searching for the best restaurants where I can share great food with friends and family. Whether you are a New Yorker, Californian, or from somewhere in the middle, I hope these restaurants will continue to ignite your appetite and curiosity. After all, these are restaurants for the Hungry (new yorker)!
Phew! Now that my news is out. It's time to start writing about food again. You'll be hearing from me again soon!

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