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Restaurant Review: ICHO Japanese Teppanyaki Dubai

By Latitude34 @Lat34Travel
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Restaurant Review: ICHO Japanese Teppan Dubai

When I think of a going out to a fancy restaurant, I’ll admit that a hotel isn’t the first place I’d look, but if you are in Dubai this would simply be a huge mistake. Not only does Dubai boast some of the most amazing hotels around, and in fact it has the only 7 star hotel on Earth, but it also has some of the best restaurants in the world, including “ICHO“, located in the Radisson Royal hotel.

High up on the 49th and 50th floors, ICHO is a stunning Japanese Sushi and Teppanyaki restaurant and is hands down the best Asian inspired meal we have ever had, and we’ve lived in Thailand for 2 years! We are long time fans of all Asian cuisines, Thai, Korean, Japanese and were more than excited to try some of the best Japanese food in Dubai and we were not the slight bit disappointed.

“You know  you are having a special night when the simple act of having a meal transforms into an experience, as it does during an evening at ICHO…”

The 49th floor offers a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant while the 50th floor boasts an impressively charming and intimate teppanyaki spread with ever more impressive views of the vast downtown Dubai skyline. Not being able to resist the teppenyaki menu, we made our way to the 50th floor and started drooling over the menu. Even higher up on the 51st floor is a complete bar, with the same serene atmosphere and great live music weekly.

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Dubai is in no sense of the word a cheap city, and fine dining is no different. However, in Dubai, fine dining takes on a whole new meaning, and if you have the money to enjoy a good meal you will be amazed at the quality and taste you’ll find. Unlike major cities in Europe, so overrun with tourists that many restaurants are over priced and still serve average food, in Dubai the quality matches the price and while a good meal might seem a bit pricey, believe us, you will not regret it.

Ok, on to the most important part, the food! We both opted for the Seafood and Beef menu, as recommended by the head chef, an amazingly kind and personable young guy. This set menu gave us a little bit of everything, from tuna and salmon tartar, oyster and beef tempura, wagyu beef tenderloin and perfectly grilled salmon. As is often the case with Teppanyaki restaurants, our table chef was a master of the knife and had some entertaining tricks up his sleeve, but unlike many of these places, his weren’t over the top tacky at all, simply just showing off his skills in the kitchen.

Our starters were absolutely delicious and we would go back again just for them, but we had to save room for the main courses, the best seafood and beef we’d tasted. The seafood was perfectly cooked and covered in a rich soy and garlic glaze which only enhanced its flavor, the beef, cooked to our specifications, was delicate and melted in our mouths. The vegetables are usually an afterthought at teppanyaki restaurants, but were cooked with the same care and precision as the rest of our meal, and just as mouth watering.

You know  you are having a special night when the simple act of having a meal transforms into an experience, as it does during an evening at ICHO.

And what is a perfect meal without the perfect cocktail? Marina and I both went with martinis, which were the perfect fit to our meal, try the Bonsai Martini if you get the chance, the perfect mix of cucumber and melon to top off your night.

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The set menu desert lacked the flair and flavor of the mean courses, however to be honest, we didn’t really want to eat it for fear the taste of the food would leave our mouth, yes it was that good! Neither of us have the biggest sweet tooth and we were completely stuffed by the time our desert came, happy to simply sip on another amazing martini and gaze over the impressively lit Dubai skyline from one of the most impressive restaurant experiences we have ever had.

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