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Posted on the 18 July 2013 by Swoopadmin @SwoopStudios

The internet and its marketing tools conform completely to those things that people are taught in the philosophy class, and this is the fact that nothing remains static in life. Apart from the life circle of human beings where people are born and they die on daily bases, I have never seen any other thing that changes like technology. Some years back, the computer was as big as a house. From there it became the size of televisions and tables. From this, it moved to the size of the desktop, then to the laptop, and then the palm top and tablets. The most recent is that it has gone mobile in that the smaller devices can now access full internet.

Now, because of the ease and convenience that people enjoy when they use these smaller gadgets to harness information, and the fact that it is very accessible on the go, they have completely moved from the bigger tools to the smaller ones, and any responsive and savvy businesses that want to survive must follow this trend. The days when you design your website with the features that are only accessible to the PCs are gone, unless you want to remain moribund and eventually bankrupt.

The in thing these days is the responsive design of websites with features that will make them adapt to all devices. These tools that are used to design them make it possible that the platforms they operate on can be very versatile. This is mostly in terms of the sizes and features that will allow all websites to be able to open and offer you the desired services in all types and seizes of devices.

The main thing here is making your web design and web development to be adaptable to different screen sizes and resolutions. No matter the type of business you run, so far as you are in need of websites, you must make it responsive. Old websites can also be redesigned towards this. This is better than two other options of either using a mobile app or developing a different website altogether for the mobile users. Customers who can access same business websites on their smart phones during lunch, exactly the way they have been doing with their PC in the office are able to continue their research into products and services uninterrupted.

With it, customers can comfortably get information about you or do business with your website on all their devices. In most occasions it annoys some customers when they see a site at work and cannot open and bookmark it in their mobile for continued reading at home. This might make some to give up on your site and search for sites that give them what they want on all devices.

Another thing is that it makes the website to conform to the screen size and resolution of the device that is viewed with, so that the user will not have to scroll up and down in order to get the full picture of what he or she is searching for.

It also makes sure that no important content is lost when you view these websites from different devices apart from the PC. It will simply modify the sites to conform to the design of the device or platform you use while on the fly. Responsive web design is SEO friendly, and accommodates different browsers on the same devise.

To build a new responsive site or redesign your current site to be responsive, please get in touch with us today. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Patricia Davila

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