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Can Your Team Answer These 30 School Marketing Questions?

Posted on the 18 May 2016 by Swoopadmin @SwoopStudios

In every organization (including schools) there is a need to ponder and think as a group. Brainstorming and analysing information together as a team often provides insights that team members may not be able to generate solely. The following questions are great for group discussions as part of your marketing or sales/enrollment team to consider in regards to your social media strategy.

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Establishing Brand Authority

1. What expertise does your organization or an individual within your institution possess?

2. What subject could you build your expertise around?

3. What unique perspective can you offer to that subject?

4. What unique part of your brand personality and offerings could you weave into your social media voice (i.e., helpful, approachable, friendly, resourceful, etc.)?

5. What niche subject matter could fit into your particular brand?

6. What sources of content could you regularly monitor to share?

7. How could you add your personal opinion on the content you share?

Creating a Content Library

1. Do you have content that might be considered “evergreen” – that is, content that is not bound by time or context, but can apply to any situation regardless of specific information that might become outdated? How can you repurpose that content in various formats and forms?

2. Do you have regular content that can be leveraged in various forms such as a long-form white paper, short infographics, quotes, statistics, or video overviews?

3. What resources and content are accessible that can provide answers to the questions which your audience has specific to your organization’s distinctives and expertise?

4. What questions do your audiences regularly ask about your institution and distinctives?

5. Where could your content come from?

6. What types of content are currently available for repurpose? How could they be edited to provide “evergreen” content for digital channels?

7. What keeps content evergreen?

8. How might the most popular page on your website be segmented and repurposed for other content outlets?

9. How could that information be presented in various forms? How would you use it as a photo or a video? What would it look like as an infographic?

10. Consider the audiences for which you produce content. How do they consume other types of content (i.e. how would a 17 year-old find information about a new popular band or video game?

11. What types of content do they prefer to consume? (i.e. video, graphics, text)What formats do you currently utilize? What are most popular?

12. Are certain audiences drawn to different formats utilized by your institution?

13. How can you combine and segment content to be leveraged in various formats, yet still remain ultimately the same content?

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Establishing a Cadence

1. What tools do we use to save time in posting to our channels?

2. How can we do more with less?

3. Are we focused on posting our content or building relationships?

4. What are the best times for us to post to social media?

5. How often should we post to each social media network?

6. Are we using the right channels for our audience?

7. What can we do to get more people to notice our content?

8. How well are we using hashtags?

9. Are our metrics good enough? Are we measuring the right things?

If you cannot answer any of these questions, or are unsure of how to answer the question, be sure to drop us a note so we can talk.

Written by Toka O. @SwoopStudios

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