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Resorts in Dominica

By Raffeeq @vacationisles
Resorts in Dominica The island of Dominica is the most northerly in the Windward Island group of the countries. It is not the most popular Caribbean vacation destination, but resorts in Dominica are fine places to stay especially if you love to enjoy nature. The country is regarded as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” for its Eco-tourism attractions. It is a great place to visit any time of the year because the temperature is warm throughout the year or similar to those of the other Caribbean islands. When traveling to the territory you will find that you have to take an extra stop in one of the other Caribbean islands before you get to Dominica. However, the country is a place that offers great opportunities to relax and enjoy nature that it will be worth the hassle of the little additional time and cost to get there.  The island is filled with lovely cottages and lodges for visitors to enjoy themselves. Moreover, there are lovely small resorts in Dominica you can enjoy.   
Rosalie Bay Resort Roseau

This is one of the top resorts in Dominica. It is situated in the capital of Roseau. The Rosalie Bay Resort is a location that is great for romantic and family vacation. For visitors who love seclusion in a natural environment the Rosalie Bay Resort is the ideal place for you. There is a beautiful private beach that will allow you to really enjoy the sea and nature. Although Dominica is an English speaking island because of its British colonial history, you will find a multilingual staff at this resort as well. Moreover, island people are some of the friendliest you will find in the Caribbean region. There are many lovely activities you can participate in at Rosalie Bay Resort. To help you enjoy nature at its best the hotel massage and spa treatment facility provides some great experiences. Also, the location offer excursions to different parts of the island, a fitness center that provides the opportunity to exercise and indoor movies to name a few. Its dining experience is great also with a lovely view of the Atlantic Ocean.   
Atlantique View Resort and Spa
This is a three and a half star resort with great opportunities to enjoy nature.  The Atlantique View Resort and Spa is a few minutes away from the country’s international airport. It is a resort that understands that when visitors come to its location they need a place to enjoy nature in seclusion. The resort is built in a way that will help you enjoy private moments from our room while viewing the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This one of the resorts in Dominica that allow you to enjoy excellent spa treatment experiences. There are other great activities at the resort including tennis, a fitness center and the internet. In addition, the resort allows you to go on excursions around the island to enjoy its various natural attractions.  
Calibishie Lodges
Another of various top resorts in Dominica is the Calibishie Lodges. Whenever you are thinking of relaxing in nature in Dominica this is one of the ideal locations. Calibishie Lodges is situated amongst the banana and coconut plantations which will give you a real tropical feel to your vacation in Dominica. There is also an excellent white sandy beach at the location. Moreover, the resort will give you the opportunity to dine and relax in a tropical Caribbean atmosphere. There are excellent water sports activities on offer at the resort as well.
Most of the resorts in Dominica are small. However, there many wonder activities you can engage in on the island. There are opportunities for hiking, experiencing lovely waterfalls, visit lakes and boiling springs, go whale, dolphin, and bird watching, while there are lovely places to scuba dive a snorkel. The nature island Dominica should be top of the list for visitors wanting any form of Eco-tourism adventure in the Caribbean. 

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