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Resort Week: Dior Resort 2014 Jewelry

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Christian Dior’s 2014 accessories collection seems to draw inspiration from all things bold but streamlined. The line showed like a collection fit for a holiday to Mars with sleek, streamlined accessories. There are whimsical twists on Dior’s signature ladylike looks, for example, a neatly starched collar becomes a minimalist choker, enameled in neon orange and clasped with a single freshwater pearl.

Dior 2014 Resort jewelry

via WWD

The space age motif continues with retro-pastel tubing (paired again with neon to bring the look into the 22nd century). Bold shackle cuffs are flared cylinders that Jane Jetson would kill for. Yet another piece seals a hinge with a pearl, combining the past and future effortlessly.

Christian Dior 2014 Cuff

via WWD

Featuring bold colors not commonly found in the natural world and simple geometry that seems more at home in the design of modern furniture than jewelry, Dior’s lineup for Resort 2014 is a departure from their more typical from-nature look. Sweeping curves suddenly terminate in stark, sharp edges, while some pieces look more like an unfinished conglomeration of geometric shapes than a finished piece.


It really is the 1950s all over again. Jewelry such as this is quite the surprise, most of all from a designer whose classic pieces include necklaces shaped like vines and pieces lifted directly from various world cultures. On some level, it seems perfectly logical that a design house that holds the variety of modes of expression found throughout the world in such high esteem would eventually tackle such geometry. If Dior has its way, this upcoming summer is one of nostalgia. Once again, what is new in the form of the old is, itself, brand-new.

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