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By Survivingana @survivingana

rescueWe have a most attentive and intuitive counselor. How many times have I thanked God for her??

Sophie may not have wanted to see her counsellor, but her counselor was making sure she didn’t slip through. Counsellor emailed yesterday in a casual way saying she’d heard a whisper about exams being on soon, and would Sophie like to come in and go over her relaxation/focus techniques. So the Sophie who couldn’t make the appointment herself, gracefully fell into the appointment her counselor made.

Today they touch base and hopefully can ground Soph again. I know that Sophie was thinking she needed to do all this alone and to cut herself off from her team, but she needs to walk first not run. We talked and she felt a bit of a failure for having to have help getting through these exams. But really, she is not. No exemptions, no special treatment, no support team of 4, really just a team of 1. She has already made huge gains. Next set of exams perhaps she can try to do it alone.

The psychiatrist rang too. We missed the last appointment and she was making sure we made this one. If we don’t (for whatever reason) make this coming one, I know our psychiatrist will be on the phone again and making sure we have another made. She will actively stalk us.

This is what you need – a proactive team. A team who is so aware of their client that they make sure they don’t slip. Slipping involves relapse, which involves closer care and monitoring. Being proactive helps to stop this happening. It is less stress and harm all round this way.

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