Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor


This photo is not owned by me, just found in Facebook.

I am a certified Facebook addict! I scroll and even browse at the speed of two seconds when there is new notifications in my profile.
What ever new I am up on it as long as I am online. During my browsing, I stumble upon this photo. I can't help, but notice what the artist is trying to show in this work of art. The drawing is simple, yet its message is very important and very confronting. One might laugh, but for me this is a perfect illustration of the message that the artist is trying to convey. If I am not wrong, this means we really have to pass Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.
In my last post about RH Bill I pointed out some points that best supports passing the bill. Let us help curtail the growing population of our country and even the world. In a latest estimates an additional population that can be a as many as the United States population is added every five years, and that is very enormous. This would result to abuse of our natural resources by unsustainable practices. This could mean, millions will have to suffer in the future. They will be added to already large population. 
Will, you listen to the church who opposes the RH bill? Well, can you expect them to feed your children's hungry tummy, whenever you don't have food for them?
Let us be reasonable, if God will not be pleased if population control will be instituted. Will he be pleased seeing that millions of us is dying from hunger, not to mention the hundreds of thousand of death from the calamities that our country suffered from time to time?

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