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Reportage #2_#MFW_Simonetta Ravizza e Fatima Val

By Marilovesgr33n @marilovesgr33n


Milan is the City of secret and hidden courtyards . A little bit like Rome. But in a different way. Greener. Smaller. More widespread. Going around for fashion shows, also means to access and visit some of the most interesting spots of the city. Places often closed to the public. Aromas and flavors typically Italian. Made even more magical by the slightly hazy sun and fresh air and light. Simonetta Ravizza‘s  fashion show and the young designer Fatima Val‘s one occurred in two of my favorite locations .


 ilovegreeninspiration_mfw_simonetta-ravizza-rtw-ss14-01 copy  ilovegreeninspiration_mfw_simonetta-ravizza-rtw-ss14-07 ilovegreeninspiration_mfw_simonetta-ravizza-rtw-ss14-0196


The first one has been scheduled for several years in the official #MFW calender and it has a background made ​​of consolidated historical pieces reconsidered and reinvented  in this collection.

The second one is a young designer born in the half 80′s, former model and future mother.

Two metropolitan styles ready to dress a woman on the go who does know how to be stylish and glamour in everyday life.

Simonetta Ravizza defines her collection Hippie – Chic. This label perfectly fits the long chiffon tunic with leopard hat and the motif of lace embroidered in perforated leather.

Even more underground is the inspiration behind the combination of masculine cut leather pants with crop shirt and jacket where the black is mixed with the red and blue avion. Absolutely a winning proposal talking about modern street style on the catwalk.

Less convincing, in a historical period in which Green and Eco are key words, the use of fur, snake, mink and pony mini vest combined with Fifties pants and useless nudity. I think these elements are no longer avantgarde in a pret a porter catwalk where – as she has showed us – street style, haute couture and fine but decided cuts should be the undisputed protagonists .

More futuristic and conceptual, as she says, the collection of Fatima Val. The collection is made of fluid and linear shapes with a sculptural element exception that turns a black and white dress in a half butterfly. The colors are strong, but they seem just whispering in the chromatic monotony of black, lime and blue avion .

Perhaps it’s not by chance that she has proposed only one print, the mechanical movements logo that is easily recognizable and identifiable. Whether it is a marketing move or  the”inspiration to the mechanical movement that symbolizes the perpetual motion ” I do not know…but I find it a winning choice…no doubt I would wear it .000ilovegreeninspiration_MFW_Fatima_valilovegreeninspiratin_MF_FATIMA_VAL_01 ilovegreeninspiratin_MF_FATIMA_VAL_02 ilovegreeninspiratin_MF_FATIMA_VAL_03 ilovegreeninspiratin_MF_FATIMA_VAL_04 ilovegreeninspiratin_MF_FATIMA_VAL_05  ilovegreeninspiration_MFW_Fatima_val



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