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Flowers and Stripes for a Day at Pitti

By Marilovesgr33n @marilovesgr33n


Flowers and stripes, because at Pitti a hint of extravagance is not the exception, but the rule. Then, mixing prints and pattern is no longer an unusual trend, but a fresh and modern trendy ensemble, yet casual and informal.

Someone associated the combination flowers and stripes with a style halfway between boho and a preppy aesthetic typical of those who are not afraid to flaunt their own style, although exuberant and outside the lines, but who aims to be always classy and elegant. This is the real reason why, when I thought about what to wear, along with Michele the designer behind the Jolie Fille, I wanted something that had a feminine connotation, but not too much, for a male contest. The Pitti is known, is the largest trade show dedicated to men’s fashion at the international level, and, as every year, was a showcase lit and colorful, in which to try to stand out is the watchword

That’s Pitti colors the slogan that you can read in the main square of Fortezza da Basso, which has been fulled up with ties and eccentric looks, for three days. Groups of men, dressed as British Lord, were competing to have their picture, while the street style photographers roamed without even too much discretion. There were colors, prints, mix & match, waistcoats, shorts, loafers and all types of garments taken from a male wardrobe, that could be drawn upon without hesitation.

That’s why I think it was not a risky choice putting together two prints the minimal stripes and the eccentric flowers. And I’ve never imagined to find so many red and white striped backgrounds. They looked like an enlarged print of my pants and I continued to move in several jumps of scale and visualizations. The flowers were not lacking in many of the stands, they have chosen the theme of green and vegetation to host their collections.

And between the music, the cocktails, the sun and the presentations, seemed to be in a party style where everyone worked in his own way certainly not to save the world, but to make it more beautiful and light, I would say just yes.




Ringrazio Michele Capalbo della Jolie Fille per il total look

Simona Viviani di followingyourpassion blog per le foto

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