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Fashion and Architecture Together to Dress an Interior

By Marilovesgr33n @marilovesgr33n


Fashion and architecture are often together in the art of dressing an interior. A trend as intriguing as the one that dress bodies, season after season. Because fashion and architecture are two related disciplines. They both intercept the change of the cities and show it constantly: one by living bodies” the other  by “dressing places”! This is what Walter Benjamin said at the beginning of the twentieth century and it is what many of us continue to think, today

I can’t think about fashion, without thinking of architecture and vice versa. When I feel the need to change my wardrobe, I often feel the need to change my house and dress up the rooms of my place I don’t obviously speak to modify spaces and structures, but to work with the furnishings and accessories, coloring the environment with new trends, just like for clothes.

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to fill the house with light, flowers and colors. The windows stay open for most of the day and, unless you don’t live in a crowded street, the sound of birds and yes even the center of Rome and the smell of the plants enter everywhere during all the hours of the day. To dress up an interior with new life you need few ideas and a bit of time for yourself, the same you could use to put the nail polish or makeup every morning.

The simplest thing, in interior as well as in fashion, is to add stripes that immediately make us think about holiday. Just take a couple of striped pillows and put it on a completely white couch. N.B. If the sofa is not white, you can always cover it first with a clear linen sheet. The effect Amalfi Coast and the relaxed attitude like the one you have when you wear espadrillas is assured.

Just as in fashion magazines that offer us floral trends declined in the most diverse plant species, we can add flowers in a transparent vase with organic shapes, like the famous Alvar Aalto’s one, or paint pillows and towels with a romantic taste, it can be an idea that will make a sweet and delicate return home. Floral prints have that retro and vintage flavor that is capable of making unique every single corner of the house

From fashion we can always take the ability to use a palette of soft and delicate colors inspired by nature, such as waves crashing on a deserted beach. Stairs of beige and shades of blue for an interior that recreates the atmosphere of small architecture inspired by the Mediterranean islands. N.B. Add some shells and light candles in pots or trays, to fill the house of memories and good feelings

And if you have time to create something, this is definitely the best time of the year to paint a wall of blue or pull out colored plates and tinted glasses, to paint a few bottles or transparent coating cans to fill it with flowers.

And so let the Summer starts on our clothes, our homes and, especially, in our mind


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