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Replenish My Soul

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Searing red light

Bursts beneath tight lids

Teeth  grinding and jaw clenched tight

Tears somehow  stream into sight

They follow the tracks of the red light

Which continue to push through

Though I continue to fight

Time has not end, Not sure it has a beginning

Just one moment lasting an infinity

My reality. My pain.

I break under the strain

Replenish My Soul

Sleep is a blessing. A dream is a bonus.

Something to look forward to. An escape to the cosmos

The time is coming for me to pass

I continue to fight. I fear the Beast will outlast

His claws digging in deeper, tearing my flesh

Must think positive, It is time to refresh

Instead of climbing up the mountain, I need to slide down

Forced to  walk through the valley of death

I still have hope I will be found

I crawl through the gardens to nourish myself

Asking the earth to replenish my health

I drink from the spring, God’s healing waters

I am a lamb, I am His daughter

Replenish My Soul

Embrace the Light, the one up ahead

It will lift me up and away from death

Take me over the mountain high

And kill the Beast, making him stop

Anoint me with Angels tears

Washing away my pain and fear

Taking me inside of the fold

That I may replenish, and refresh my soul

Dear God I pray for a healing hand

For mankind and the diseased land

Kill the beast, take him away

That no more lives end in this way

Renee Robinson

Replenish My Soul

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