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Removing Duplicate Contacts in BlackBerry

Posted on the 23 May 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

Duplicate Contact Issue is a common Issue which is faced by every BlackBerry user once in a while. I researched a bit and found the resolution really Tricky s well as Easy.The problem is you keep seeing the same Contacts again and again and it is tiring and frustrating if someone asks you to delete the duplicate contact one by one. Let us understand why this happens and how it is resolved.

You have multiple email Ids configured against your device the contacts keep duplicating themselves once you connect your device with same computer again and again and auto sync is selected .

Now let see how we are going to fix this issue together, First step is like as I said in my previous post to backup data of BlackBerry Device. It is important as I value your data so before we proceed do a full backup of your device via BlackBerry Desktop Manager. After the back up is complete please recheck that the copy of your backup is saved with Today’s date at your hard drive {Say today’s date is 23rd May 2012 and your handset is BlackBerry Curve 8520 the backup will be named as BlackBerry Curve 8520 (May 23, 2012)} and the file is saved by default on this path on your computer C:\Users\\Documents\BlackBerry\Backup

Second Step is to go to contacts in your BlackBerry handset and press BlackBerry Icon which opens a menu button. Select options in the menu list.

In the Options button you will find something written as Contact list your Email Ids are listed which are synchronized . Please ensure that the listed Email Ids have enabled wireless synchronization which can be enabled by selecting the Email Id and hence selecting Wireless Synchronization as Yes. The Number of Entries mentioned below this selection are the number of contacts which are in sync with this Email Id (The Contacts I am referring here are the Contacts with number Details not the ones with only Email Ids i.e. synchronized from your Email Id).

Now go back to the previous page i.e. inside option in contacts menu here type this word rset (this is the main point of this whole exercise) you gets a pop up stating “This will Erase [email protected] Contact list, and reload it from your server. Continue? Yes/No” Select Yes here the contact list will be erased.

Now after deleting the contact list the job of the handset is to resynchronize it with the server which is your mail server. The backup at mail server will restore the contact list removing duplicate entries from your contact list. Also an important point which needs to be noted down here is that one option which needs to looked at and disabled is allow duplicate name entries. Disable this option so whenever your contact list is synchronized with the Desktop/Laptop/Mail server the Mobile Handset wont allow the duplicate contacts updated in Contact List.

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