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Remember the List of Spinal Nerves Using Mnemonics

Posted on the 30 January 2017 by Lifecoachbloggers
Easy ways to Remember and memorize the List of Spinal Nerves using Mnemonics.
Here is a list of spinal nerves:


ConfusedThievesLostSpinal nervesChildishly

ConfusedToddlersLostSpinal nervesChildishly

You can replace the word:
C with compassionately, confusedly, cheerfully, cutely, cheerleaders, Cinderella, Cleopatra
T with Tricked, Tasted
L with Left, Located

Spinal Nerves Visual Mnemonic List

Spinal Nerves Visual Mnemonic List

S with Sweaters, Sponges, Sausages, Salesman, Skirts.
Here is a visual mnemonic(refer the image) to remember the list of spinal nerves
You can remember using another mnemonic:
Cock lives in CASTLE due to spinal problems (Ignore vowels in the sentence)
CCSTL- Cock CaSTLe (Ignore vowels).

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