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Release Your Rest.

By Jenrene
Release Your Rest.

By ZaNuDa

In this life we worry too much about things that should require a more restful approach.

We need to reach for rest. We  reach for rest in vacations, sex, relationships that are futile and cause us to be restless, we reach for rest in our children, our jobs, our house and the white picket fence, but we don’t really reach for where true rest comes from.

What if true rest came from self-evaluation, honesty, seeking peace and joy and  self-preservation?

What if true rest came from being open-minded and mature?

What if true rest came Tom practicing obedience unto God?

What if true rest involved opening up your heart and  taking a risk to share it with someone you really didn’t trust, but you knew needed your empathetic point of view?

That  kind of rest can only be God-given.

Why struggle? Why fight?  Why worry?

Meditate on promise, purpose, peace and love. and stay there… for a while. At least.

Who are you allowing to steal your rest today?

My Prayer: So I  release my rest O’ God unto you today… I offer myself up as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God, which is my reasonable service. Selah

Know Jesus…Know peace.No Jesus …No peace.

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