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Relationship Advice Books With Deceptive Titles: Titles That Rock With An Inside That Does NOT.

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

If you didn’t already know, I am a relationship advice expert and have worked with over three hundred clients over the past few years. This blog is not a walking promo, and since I tend to convey my personal self here more than my professional self within protocol; I don’t think it’s fair to load this blog with to many ways or link’s in which you can pay for my advice sessions via phone or online in a chat session (oh just for future reference if you care I will only speak to adults and never ever use a webcam or anything that presents the opportunity. I use Skype quite often for business, and my best friend lives in another state currently so we treat like our own personal version of a sleep over. This is funny because my boyfriend once caught himself saying, “(in a hushed tone) Hey is Stacey here?” In which Stacey via Skype from the table while I was standing in the kitchen says, “Yea It’s me Ben why are you whispering?” Anyway, to get back on the topic that isn’t the topic, My webcam goes in the drawer if not being used because with apps growing more and more scary I don’t want to be the first victim in any capacity of, one of the first victims of the, “I see you but you don’t know I see you.” APP.

So, back to why I am telling you about my status as a relationship advice consultant, advisor, guru, expert, psychologist, counselor – you pick. I am certified to call myself any of these names but tend to stay away from the last two names because via phone integration does not constitute all policies within certain guidelines. So, just in case I use consultant or client.

I am not perfect, and some find me to be to much to handle: But At least I Would Never Write, Submit, Publish or Suggest a source that appears to be something that could help your dating or relationship life under a guideline that is beyond me and just messed up.

Relationship Book’s That Sell Hundreds Because of The Title and Inside Is A Big Hot Mess. Some books about relationships sell purely because the book or article index, periodical and so on has a brilliant title. Why do you think I know this? I bought all these books to because I am in the field and am always soaking up new information. A lot of books have taught me what other people believe, and picked up a few handful of great tips,  but sadly most of these books are all title and horrible talk. I have not published a relationship advice book yet, but have a few in the works and I can honestly say the books that I am going to mention below are better than any one of my drafts before the stage they are at now. Hold on! Before you think that statement is to subjective or to many self pats I am giving my back-when you read or have read these books you will see that it’s not a good thing. I can name 20 blogs about relationships, 20+ unknown books, that didn’t have the title but had the book. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was excited about reading these but if I don’t warn you about wasting money on bad relationship advice than I am not doing my job of giving you the best relationship advice on a full spectrum. I am not saying buy this instead that I work with or wrote, I was asked about my reviews for product ads and since I never promote affiliates, or get paid to review products that I don’t like or have not tested myself. I also never link my blog to those products in a way that would show sales from my source as the blog. Once in a while I will get paid to review sponsored ads and these are never posted on my blog.

How do you evaluate a bad ad if it is sponsored. Don’t you have to include ‘sponsored in the review?

Kelly M Sowell Twitter

Am I the only one who knows that you can give a BAD review if it is sponsored. If I review a horrible product I put sponsored by __ This is a sponsored ad for ___. I think the concept is misleading and after using the product I needed still needed to breakdown what is the point of using ____ don’t by it. I share sponsored ____ to inform people about the good and evil in products and their pockets.

Oct 5

I am saying get a sample of these or keep the receipt because there awful and trick people with the great title. Were not naïve were intrigued and think the title means the question or statement posed will at least present a bad or silly answer. Sadly, even the awful books in this list and review I gave the book aren’t even memorable enough to pick out the extremely odd points without going back to the book. Another tactic these title thieving books mongrels do is to have loved ones post reviews. I am going to write a post all about how you can tell if a review or group of them is done, how to see it, and how to know when there genuine. How do I know about reviews? It’s my other job. My reviews on amazon are my reviews that I personally complete as a copy of what project I did for work in my voice or products I have personally tested, reviewed and evaluated with the conclusion that it works and is worth the price. Books are reviewed differently than products and I know and have been hired to review many books in many different categories. I think this makes me qualified to review the books below even before I bring up my tie to relationship advice.

Get A Better Relationship Quick and Easy

I withheld the writers name here click below to see more information about this book below on the original review page.


Get A Better Relationship Quick and Easy (Kindle Edition)

Another victim of the writer's friends or people she knows commenting. How do you know it is the case? Dates are all the same or the same date in a row then another date repeat. Instead of Houston, TX, the review's will say things like, (USA) or I saw one here that said, (WILD WILD WEST) then one from (CUBA) or another country. Could this be a coincidence? Along with the sparkling titles and the one review with 4 stars to make it not appear so obvious? Maybe? Why don't you read the book and let me see if this is an exaggeration.

The beginning starts with "The Dog House," and how men end up there when they could avoid doing so. Well the dog house (symbolizing a couch) isn't a bad price to pay. I would love that punishment. I like my couch. How to get out of the dog house?Or wait until she finally talks again? This isn't advice for men or women to follow. I don't see this book as a problem because it puts down or offends women. I think the problem is in the structure, and silly up and down all around banter. Even when you reference, "cheaper to keeper," that can be a funny line, or offensive. It sounded neither and felt dry. The only part I like before it veers off into the ditch, is about men not settling for a woman they think they cannot get. They always need to try because women and men who settle are never happy.


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