Regression. Memories from the Past

Posted on the 23 January 2014 by Vall444
Regression. Memories from the past
Some time ago I read the following:  "Your work on earth is not to learn but to remember who you are and what your true nature is."  From that moment on I started to help many different people trigger memories of their past lives and thus recover the entity of their souls.  
If you want to find out who you have been in your previous life, now there reveals a great opportunity to achieve this. Regression is an easy and pleasant method that takes on a trip in your distant past you.
If you remember something that happened 2-3 years ago, or you just have childhood memories, or remember a past life - all this is a form of regression. Hypnosis is just one of the methods that can be used to reach your previous lives but there are other techniques from my practice.
This travel to the past can reveal the roots of your current life situations and the disturbing patterns of your behavior, and how to overcome them in the course of the meetings. It often happens that a person recalls important lessons from the past that are relevant to his current life. Regressive hypnosis helps a person understand his calling in the present.
During the sessions we use a combination of approaches. Brian Weiss ("the healer in time"), Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton ("Life between Rebirths"), Edgar Cayce, Milen Nikolov and my personal techniques for regression session, gained from my experience with people.
Regression. Memories from the past
I was 9-10 times in regression with different colleagues. I know 14 of my past incarnations. Through regression I remember the lessons of my past to use them now in the present. After regression I always feel like I am where I should be and clearly see the things that I need to change.
"Our lives do not belong to us. We are connected with other people and the earth is our past and our present. And by every transgression and kindness that we do, we build our future."                   Quote from the movie "Cloud Atlas"
What do we see during regression?

During regression people see in three different ways:
 A) They see very dark or very bright color spots... or just a fog  - it's all united by a common feeling that they see no clear image- most regressions start like that - no clear image. When you do not have a clear image it is better to leave all the channels of communication with your subconscious mind open so that you trust your feelings. " I just know ... I'm a man ... I'm outdoors ... I'm in France ..." and so on.
 B) They see as if looking through some 2D screen as observers of what is happening-  "I see a woman, a child, a man, an old man" just knowing that this is us. You can see the situation from the top, side, or just like watching it from a high building.
C) 3D - We are the characters of  what is happening- we see from the inside, as this our life. We see our hands, feel our clothes ...      
 There are mixed views - I've had clients who see both 2D and 3D - They are the character, but yet they are see themselves from the outside as well. During regression anything is possible.
Whatever kind of "vision" we have in regression the most important feeling is the feeling of just knowing.

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