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Registering a New Domain? Read This First.

Posted on the 10 March 2016 by Geekasms @geekasms
HomeTechnologyRegistering a New Domain? Read this first.

Registering a New Domain? Read this first.

Register Your Domain Name With An Eye Toward Effective Branding

When it’s time to hit “publish” on your brand new official company website, it’s an excellent idea to have taken the time beforehand to register your domain name with an eye toward effective branding. This means that your domain name should be something snappy, trendy (but not too trendy), effective, memorable, and – above all – short. Any domain name that violates one or more of these principles is going to have a hard time sticking in the minds of your potential base of customers, and will harm, rather than help, your business in the long run.

Choose Your Domain Name With The Utmost Care Because It’s Hard To Shed

When it comes time to check available domain names for your website, it’s important to choose that name with the utmost care. This is because of the simple fact that, once chosen, your domain name is next to impossible to shed or replace without having to tear down your site or relocate it to another domain host. Why put yourself through all of this time and money consuming trouble when you could so easily get it right the first time by simply devoting a few hours or days toward dreaming up the perfect domain name?

What Goes Into Creating The Best Possible Domain Name For Your Website?

There are a number of extremely important factors that go into creating the best possible domain name for your website. These factors include memorability, ease of spelling, catchiness, and relevance. By relevance, we mean that your domain name may perhaps be humorous, or else evocative of a certain mood. However, above all else, your domain name needs to be directly relevant to the line of business you are in, as well as the goods and services that you offer the public. If your domain name does not hit upon this essential quality of relevance, it’s going to be less than memorable for your public.

Should Keyword Branding Be A Factor In Your Choice Of Domain Name?

According to the latest theories of many SEO industry pundits, keyword branding is either a positive benefit or an outright curse when it comes to choosing your domain name. Some view inserting a “guaranteed high volume” keyword into your domain name as an excellent way to give a jump start to your branding right from the start. Others tend to view this as a castle made of sand, because of the volatility of Google’s attitude toward SEO techniques.

Because Google and other major search engines do have a history of switching up their algorithms at a seemingly random clip, a keyword that ranks near the top of a search result page may suddenly find itself relegated to the nether regions in the blink of an eye. Therefore, while keyword branding may be a momentary jump start for your website, it may be a technique that you would do well to approach with your fair share of caution.

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