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Regarding The Future of Living the Dream

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Jeremy and Angie have some plans. Our second RTW trip is now over.  I know, I'm sad too. 
Now comes that really awkward period of time where you may be wondering whether this site will go by the wayside like numerous other long-term travel blogs before us.
It may sound silly, but it happens all the time.  A great writer comes on the scene to cover their long-term trip, amasses a rather large following, and disappears for good when their trip is over.  The sad thing is that if you've been around long enough like we have, you can see it coming from a mile away.  Keeping up in this industry means traveling, and for most that means spending a great deal of money that we as independent writers do not have.
So now it is time to answer the inevitable question. Will there be a third long-term trip in Jeremy and Angie's future?  Unfortunately, I am sad to say, the answer is no.
The Future of Living the Dream
Like ending my first RTW trip halfway in 2011 to come home and marry Angie, you could say that our plan for this site has been in the cards since before we started our second long-term trip last year.
We knew there had to be an endgame.
Luckily for you, our plan for the future involves us being around for a very, very long time.
So it is with great excitement that I am prepared to announce that the Living the Dream team is growing, and we are very close to selecting three awesome bloggers to join our ranks to chronicle their own long-term trips.
Sorry for the suspense on this one, we just couldn't resist the opportunity.  It is true that we may not have enough money to head out on a third long-term trip or travel perpetually, but we do have enough money to hire staff writers who are!
A Growing Living the Dream Team
I want to re-create this photo with our upcoming team.  Possible?
Call this part of our plan to become the best long-term travel resource out there. In order to do so, we have to expand.  You see, for the past 6 years all we have talked about is us.  Jeremy and Angie's travels, Jeremy and Angie's plans, Jeremy and Angie's dreams.  But there are far more long-term travelers out there than just us.
And you know what?  Most of them travel quite differently than we do, too!
So we are quite excited to be hiring on three bloggers who travel very differently than we do yet still fall under the umbrella of long-term travel.  Want to know how they travel and where they're heading?  Well, we're not quite ready to announce the staff yet, but when we do you know it'll be a celebration.
What Will Jeremy and Angie Do Now?
Don't worry, when it comes to producing articles for this site, we're not going anywhere.  You'll still read great articles from our past and future travels on this site like always.  We have tons of great content from the last 15 months on the road that never made it up, and, like most addicts, we'll never stop traveling.  After 66 countries and 5 continents, it still feels like we haven't seen very much of the world at all.
But for those who have come to know us and want more, here is a peak into what we're personally planning and working on over the course of the next year:
  • Angie is currently looking for a full-time job in her field of study and is hoping to start a position soon.
  • Her main focus on our sites will be making great recipes for our series The International Food Project and writing mouth watering culinary themed articles both here and on our sister site Eat Your Passport.  
  • I am not looking for a job at the moment as my effort for the time being will be strictly put into writing for Living the Dream, Eat Your Passport, and The Travel Atlas, as well as managing our new staff and projects. We'll get to the j-o-b business (yes we have to spell it so I don't understand the word) when the time comes, if it ever does.
  • We will be starting two new posting series!  The first will be a how-to in all things travel blogging to help those who want to blog while on the road, and the second will be a lifestyle design series that goes into how were making our dream lifestyle a reality.
  • We also have a few new projects in the works ranging from books to products and services that we'll be rolling out over the next year.  These are going to be a lot of fun because we're going to be working with some amazing travel bloggers from our community!  Unfortunately, for now, this is all I can say as we're not ready to give away the details yet.
  • Oh, we're also going to go on a few vacations too!  All this work makes this couple weary.
Whew, that was a mouth full!
If that didn't make you need a vacation just reading it (it did for us), then you should be convinced that Living the Dream is not going away anytime soon! 
We hope you'll stick around for the adventure that is yet to come for this site because, like the past few surprises we've had in store for you, each has been better than the last.  What is coming up will blow all of the past surprises away by far.
Is there anything special you'd like to see covered on Living the Dream as we move forward?  Comment below to let us know!  Your input is very important to us as we work our way to being the best long-term travel resource on the internet!

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