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Reflections on Black Friday

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Reflections on Black Friday

Here are my opinions on Black Friday:

I, for one, have never partaken in it and don’t plan to.  However, I don’t look down on those who do if it makes them/you happy.  Several of the younger members of my own extended family really enjoy the annual night out, a newer American holiday tradition.  After all, shopping has become more a recreational sport in the past few years than something we do out of necessity.

First, I think many consumers get out there for the sake of escaping of cabin fever with family driving them crazy indoors, or maybe out-of-towners avoiding a night on an air mattress.

Secondly, with regard to retail giants, the corporations are still selling WAY more than consumers are saving, so we prove ourselves to be the long lines of puppets they think we are.  But, hey, deal-stealing puppets are happy puppets, so it’s whatever.

Still, I’m interested — were the deals even that red-hot this year?  I would love to hear your incredible steal stories.

And, people with kids out there — seriously?  Please leave your children safe at home in their warm little beds, under adult supervision, of course.

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