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RÉDUIT Continues To Set New Innovation And Development Standards

By A Beauty Feature @abeautyfeature

RÉDUIT Continues To Set New Innovation And Development Standards. The Swiss beauty tech brand RÉDUIT today revealed its growth plans are set to break all expectations only one month on from launching.

Major partnerships with global retailers were confirmed this week. Combined, these will be bringing RÉDUIT to prime beauty consumers in 169 countries, in over 30 languages worldwide, all as the company enters its second month of trading.

RÉDUIT is also continuing with innovation, launching its new skincare range, effectively doubling its portfolio ahead of the upcoming season. The new products will further push the boundaries of tech-led beauty and skincare innovation and will be available to the public from August 2020.

While this is far from the norm, RÉDUIT’s CEO Paul Peros cites like-minded partnerships, continued innovation and a smart approach to new product development as the key areas to build a successful beauty brand in today’s changing world of beauty consumerism:

RÉDUIT Continues To Set New Innovation And Development Standards

RÉDUIT Continues To Set New Innovation And Development Standards

“This week we were presented with the news that after almost two decades in business Clarisonic would be facing closure for good. When you look at Clarisonic, it has not continued to push technological advancement beyond its initial concept, so was I surprised to see them close their doors for good? No, not really. On the other hand you have RÉDUIT, a brand combining enhanced delivery technologies, with new generation topicals, innovation and sustainable measures on a different level.

“While the largest beauty multinationals report downstream reductions of around 400 tons of CO2 per facility annually, RÉDUIT isn’t trailing far behind. In June, its first trading month, RÉDUIT avoided over 30 tons of CO2 output.

Compared to traditional products, that figure is projected to near 400 tons already by the end of the year. This means that the brand will start outperforming the most successful cosmetic companies and large-scale facilities in only its first year of operation.”

Concluding Mr Peros says being part of a flexible, smart and open team with a board who can make decisions, pivot at the last minute, remain flexible and push for change when the opportunity arises, has been testament to RÉDUIT’s early success.

RÉDUIT Continues To Set New Innovation And Development Stand

“Larger corporations can often stifle productivity and lead to a lack of innovation. So long as we remain the opposite of this, we are expecting to continue our global expansion plans.”

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