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Red. White. Blue.

By Evg Enko

Red. White. Blue.


Oh American people! I cannot think of any other nation in the world that carry so much pride and respect for their flag and belonging to their nation.
American patriotism isn't something that only gets infused by a national holiday and Olympic games, it's an everyday occurrence, a state of mind. Ask a 7 year old whose parents came to the states from anywhere in the world of what he/she is and the response without hesitation will be "I am American!" Heck, even wearing stripes and stars on a t-shirt or summer DIY'd cut-offs is a pretty cool thing among anyone, old and young, American or not. That's tough to beat.
Unlike most other nations in the world, this melting pot of global cultures and heritages is oh so proud of being American. Makes me smile, admire and envy just a little every time I come across its expression. If only they taught "How to Love Your Country" in schools... I keep on dreaming, taking my hat off and getting ready to watch the fireworks.
Happy Birthday, America! Stay beautiful.

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