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Red Love?!?! Yes, Please – Not for Me, Though

By Marilovesgr33n @marilovesgr33n


someone said: “when in doubt, wear red” … this is not for me!




Red is a color too “colorful” for me. I like to see … look … admire it.

On a white canvas with an abstract sign. On a photo of a fashion editorial in Vogue. On the lips of the girl on the subway, with her brown hair tied with closed eyes, the natural makeup and the white T-shirt under the leather jacket.

I like its power to make you feel glamour, pretending not to have thought about it.

But even though I know all this is true and indisputable … I do not prefer to wear Red.

I do not like that feeling of being noticed by force. Of being noticed just because you are the strongest shade among all the others.

Beauty and Elegance are values … they need to be whispered … not screamed. Few makeup on your clean skin. A great and sincere look. In the belief that if you really want to leave a durable mark the “less is always more”.




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