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Recycled Magazine Cup Holder

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Recycled Magazine Cup HolderI experimented with an idea from my “Crafts for Kids” magazine, and came up with this woven magazine cup holder. It’s done by weaving around a water bottle, so a good fit is pretty much guaranteed. Recycled Magazine Cup Holder1. Tear out seven pages from an old magazine. Try to make the pages as whole as possible, but don’t worry about crooked edges.Recycled Magazine Cup Holder2. Fold all pages in half lengthwise three times, crease, and tape ends shut with a small amount of tape. When complete, find the center of four strips by folding and marking with an “X”. Make 2 large “X”s from four of the strips and staple together in the center.Recycled Magazine Cup Holder3. Wrap one “X” around the bottom of a water bottle, center and secure with a rubber band. Place the other “X” on top, center to cover open spaces, and tuck into the same rubber band.
Recycled Magazine Cup Holder4. Take one of the remaining three strips and weave into the bottle. I used a 20oz Gatorade bottle and the strips were the perfect length. When complete, tape the ends in place. Repeat with the 2nd stripe. For the 3rd strip, remove the rubber band first to make the weaving easier. Turn over and gently remove cup from the waterbottle.
Recycled Magazine Cup Holder 5.  Gently fold over ends and tape inside if possible. Reinforce the top inside edge with extra tape to secure, place your water bottle back inside and you’re good to go.

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