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Reclaiming the “Beach Ready” Body

By Carolyn @CarolynHeintz


It’s summertime and that means it’s time for sunscreen, barbecues, popsicles, and (*dun dun dun*) dreaded swimsuit season. It is impossible to avoid the omnipresent “Get your body beach-ready” or “Lose weight just in time for vacation” articles that are scattered across every magazine cover. While in the checkout line at my local supermarket, I found myself looking at these titles, placed next to ridiculously thin (and, let’s be honest, photoshopped) models and actresses and found myself getting more and more infuriated.

Who are these people to tell me or any other girl or woman what their body “should” look like in a bathing suit? Why do I have to have chiseled abs and lean legs and the perfect tan to go to the beach? Who are they to dictate what a “bikini ready” body is or should be? You know what, as soon as I’m ready to and decide to put on a swimsuit and head to the beach, I would say my body is “beach ready.” And the same goes for all of you—my body, your body, everyone’s body is a “beach ready” body as soon as you slip into that swimsuit.

So here’s my challenge for all of you: reclaim what it means to have a beach ready body.

If that means cancelling your magazine subscription or staying off of celebrity gossip sites, then so be it. Trust me: I know it’s not easy. I still have days where I look in the mirror and hate my thighs or arms. I want nothing more than to wear a giant moo-moo to the beach.

What do I tell myself in these moments?

Screw it!

All I can do is continue to eat well and stay active and embrace my body for all the wonderful things it does for me. It may not look like the bodies on the magazines, but it my own and it is beautiful and I tell myself that that is more than enough.

Your body is already beach ready. Believe it!

Peace, love, and health,


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