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Really Far Behind in Blogging, BUT This is What We're up to 9 Days Later :)

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3

Really far behind in blogging, BUT this is what we're up to 9 days later :)
Really far behind in blogging, BUT this is what we're up to 9 days later :)
Really far behind in blogging, BUT this is what we're up to 9 days later :)
Really far behind in blogging, BUT this is what we're up to 9 days later :)All week   Ann continue to assure all is in order (Production CoordinatorJ)Ann continues to pack and unpack, and Rich loads and unloads,Check mail at both places,   Dust/wipe/sweep and vacuum,Check all drawers, cabinets, and closets,Mailed change of address for JVS check – look for it in the mail,Complete last two boxes of Radon units, (goal to be completed by Friday night)Rich to continue with normal business for PPA,
Anytime at the New house   Check to see if bills or paperwork have to be taken care of during week of move,
Shopping List   Buy milk   10 more boxes and two more rolls of tape,   Bin for under cat’s box,   Hack saw,   Inside ladder,   Any extra hardware necessary to put up pictures and quilt,   Brady tags for electronic stuff,   New shower chair,   Toilet seat,   Towel bars for baths,   Buy Rich/Ann tennis shoes,   Ann’s new mouse,
To do Tuesday/Wednesday
To do todayFollow-up sent email to Medicaid T 3-19-13 @ 3:10 PM - [email protected]Follow-up apartment rental - Juanita stated we just needed to drop keys with them.  She said she would have Mike call, but generally, it is 30 days after they receive keys before we receive refund check.  Rich still wants the mail box key until the 31st,   Discuss with Rich the replacement of my Kindle for $159 (old) $199 (new),   Continue to pack,
Ann’s to be packed yet list WednesdayPictures remaining stacked in front and back hall closets,   Check Rich’s closet for any remaining loose items,Last items in 3 hall closets,Blankets,Little catch items in LR like under Rich’s table, drafting table, and fabric drawers,   Rich’s chest of drawers,   Night stand,   Shoes,   Garden pottery and candles box,Cleaning supplies,
One midweek trip to new house (perhaps today – we will know by 1 pm)   Remaining pictures,   Majority of Rich's hanging clothes,   Trolling motor,   Plus, regular dirty laundry and such,   Ann’s accordion files and box of current home and business paperwork,   Rich’s business scales and sealer.   To do Thursday/FridayPick-up Ann’s medicine at UIC @ 10 am,   Go to Dr. Marvin’s Thursday at 11 am,  Take down the design boards and two last shelf rods, Take down extra curtain rods hardware,Go out to dinner with Bob and Linda – hopefully on Friday – most likely after 6 pm,
Ann’s to be packed yet list Thursday/Friday   Dishes,   Pots and pans,   Glasses,   Food in cabinets,   Food in fridge,   Appliances,Linen in bathroom wicker shelve,   Ann’s Electronic backpack,   Hangers,   Last moment clothes – pull out for Sunday and Monday,   Hardware for design boards, curtains, and wall hangings   Box for tools and such from junk drawer
To do SaturdayRich to go shopping in Sandwich at hardware storeRich to look again at dishwasher plumbing on Saturday, but will call for help if necessaryAsk do we need to keep our Brookfield dishwasher?Consider whether a 2nd trip needs to be made on either Saturday or Sunday and decide if plans need to be altered as to Rich sleeping in Sandwich or Brookfield 
2 cars in one trip on Saturday     Computer/printer/scanner   DVR and Roku, REGULAR dishes,    Pots and pans,    Food in cabinets and fridge   Counter appliances,    Medicine,   Pop and beer from mini-fridge,Dirty laundry, and    Two not so happy cats and their supplies,      AND the coffee pot!    Maury and Nikki   Help put together new kitchen,   Put-up design boards, family pictures, map pictures, map tapestry and quilt.
To do Sunday or before (Rich) – Rich is thinking he would now rather stay Sunday night at our new home instead of at the old apartment – make accommodations work – be like water!   Fix ONE good horizontal filing cabinet and throw the other, Pack business table and radon units,
To do MOVING Monday   Last Monday morning (Rich) – or before … depending on Rich choosing to stay at which location – and where he spends time on Sunday   LR picture window curtain, (or before)Personal bathroom supplies, Throw out red shower chair, (or before)Linen from bed, (or before)Bathroom rugs or any remaining laundry/towels/wash cloths to dirty laundry bags, (or before)    Rich’s laptop, (or before)Comcast items to Maury, (or before)Extension cords, (or before)
Vacuum cleaner, mop, and broom/dustpan,   Check downstairs storage cabinet,Cleaning supplies (clean as movers are moving) Drop keys (except 1 mail key) at rental office,   Maury and NikkiRe-connect electronics – TVs and computers,   Assist in directing foot traffic with movers,   Assist in things to relieve some of our up and down movement,   Place books in two Living room bookshelves,   Place items back in desks or horizontal files,
To do after the move   Take care of accessibility for guest washroom and breezeway,Have LR drapes cleaned in Sandwich.Get new driver’s licensesRich talked to roofer and will meet him on Tuesday the 26th @ 9 am.            (15,427/3,222)  

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